jME Physics 2 and odejava

FYI, current CVS version of jME Physics 2 uses a part of a new version of odejava now (odejava-jni). This allows users of odejava and jME Physics 2 to use the same natives. A build of odejava-jni plus natives is in the jME Physics 2 repository, too.

Currently mac natives are missing, though. So, if anyone could build 2-arch natives that would be really great (instructions in odejava/odejava-jni/src/readme.txt). I think it will take me quite a while a again to get my hands on some mac…

(regarding odejava, if anyone cares: it was updated to use openmali and the newest xith3d for its demos, branch 'with-odejava-jni')

WARNING: Failed to use physics implementation 'com.jmex.physics.impl.ode.OdePhysicsSpace$OdeFactory' due to Exception while creating factory: Unresolved compilation problems:

The import org.odejava.Odejava cannot be resolved

Ahem… I was in the middle of making a new jME Physics tutorial… when the new build gave me this error.  Am I supposed to fix this on my end?  Because everything was working fine till I updated it…


Also, the CVS folder is 'jmephysics' but I should be calling this 'jME Physics 2'  correct?

EmperorLiam said:

Am I supposed to fix this on my end? 


"Unresolved compilation problems" should already make you suspicious: it means that eclipse could not compile your project entirely. You should fix that before executing your application!
In this case it means you did not include the odejava-jni.jar in your project classpath. (see post above)

Also, the CVS folder is 'jmephysics' but I should be calling this 'jME Physics 2'  correct?

Yes - see sticky post on this board.

module_physics.ode.xml is giving me an error on this line:

<target name="release.module.physics.ode" depends="compile.module.physics.ode.production, release.module.physics">

Says target does not exist in this project... found this when trying to build jMEPhysics2 into a JAR.  Tried to 'comment' the problem away... sigh, that made it worse.

Another thing I have to fix on my end?

I put the odejava library 'fix' in the updated tutorial and I want to call jME Physics 2 instead the -spaceless- jMEPhysics2 ... hope you don't object to that.

:?  J Mep Hysics 2? Whats that!

Hmmm, perhaps jMEphysics2 is best.

Oh, and while I'm at it, there is one fix for the CVS I recall:  The files in the jMEPhysics2/tutorial/com/jmetest/physicstut/ folder, they give the pop-up error "Selection does not contain a main type" because they need to be in a package, wont work in a folder.  Easy enough to be be fixed.

I don't use the build file nor eclipse. Maybe you can send me a patch for the eclipse config (with new jar and tutorial folder marked as source)? The you can remove that 'fixing' from the guide. Not sure what's the issue with that build file though. Maybe we should just remove it?

You can generate a new eclipse configuration with maven, btw.