jME Physics 2 into new jME repo?

What do you guys think about putting jME Physics 2 into the jME repository? I feel it's used by quite some people and they feel fine with it. Including it into the jME SVN would IMO be great to ease the use of it. Probably someone could even come up with a java-only collision detection, using the physics API and the jME boundings…

Probably we should spent some more thoughts on partitioning jME into modules after moving to the new repo, though. Having several eclipse projects to define dependencies, etc. (e.g. there are still dependencies from com.jme to com.jmex, I believe) would be nice.

I don't really have an issue with it being in the same repo…  Ideally though I'd like it if people could choose to sync only the parts they care about.

well, if "people" is users, I agree. Developers should sync physics as well, to get refactorings etc. applied to that - that's a major plus of it being in the same repo.

Good point.

Have a structure like:





I'd say