jME Physics and jME 2.0


What are your plans for moving to the new jME 2.0 codebase, is it on the radar yet? (anxiously waiting)

I think that's an unreasonable expectation until 2.0 is at least to a first beta.  A great deal of 2.0 will very likely change before we reach a beta and I think it's a bad idea to start converting anything to rely on it will it is in such a great level of flux.

I agree. I looked at the changes that need to be made, and its mostly related to the batch stuff going away in the implementation classes, and renderstate/enum changes in the test classes. Not huge sweeping changes, but since 2.0 is still in a state of fluid changes it would be a waste of time to try now. I guess I just got a little too excited.  XD

Count me in! What do I need to do?

Nymon, there's already a SVN for jME Physics 2.2 (meant for jME 2.0) on googlecode. If you're up for changing those little things you mentioned I'd love to give you dev access there! Because I won't be able to put much effort into keeping it working with the jME 2.0 code.

What do you say?

Great! Get an account at google code and pm your login, please.