Jme-Physics Competition

Hi all,

I just thought of a grooovy idea. A jme-physics competition.


You have 1 week which has 1 weekend in it to make a game. Thats it, no more rules. Oh yer, you need to use our library.


You get the honour of me calling you "Sir" for a week. :smiley:

Start date

When ever people are free. I suggest 6th of July to the 13th. Both wednesdays so you have weekend in there…

Any questions about the rules/prizes? No, good.

Any other questions?

DP :smiley:

You will bow to me!


Nah, I’d be happy to be a judge though :slight_smile:

But if you tell it here now and start is on 6th one could cheat and start right over . . . :o


Its all for fun, i dont care being honest. If you wanna cheat, you live with feeling horrible that you won a prize you shouldnt have won.

Anyways, everyone ok with it so far?



yust kidding :wink:

Ok, its settled then!

Let the fun begin on the 6th of July!


What happens if I win? Do i get to call myself Sir? :smiley:

Or am i banned from entering?

"DarkProphet" wrote:
What happens if I win? Do i get to call myself Sir?
What about the other participants calling you Sir? Or do you prefer 'Your Excellency'? XD

Hmm, but to be serious: Who will judge? Do we make a poll?

Well, who wants to judge? To make it somewhat fair I think there needs to be around 5 judges, just telling what entry they liked best. As I don’t think this will yield hundreds of entries, I don’t think it’ll be a massive workload :slight_smile:

/me raises his hand

Hmm, a judge cannot participate himself, can he?

If I still can submit something myself I can judge, too - don’t want to miss the fun :smiley: (will not vote for my own stuff :wink: ).

Ah well, since its my competition and im a developer of jme-physics, i dont think its ok for me to participate, so im gonna be judge.

Irrisor, that means you too!

So its Me, Per, Irrisor, Renanse, and im PMing Mojo to see if he’s available. Thats 5…

Btw, ive slept on it, and the judging catagories are:

Originality: 10

Sound: 10


Gameplay: 30

Physics-Interactivity: 30

Total score out of 100 (add all those together)

Seems fair as it is a physics competition, and we are using jme and it should be fun! Sound is important, its just that ive seen alot of games that are fun without it, so if you wanna get top marks, you need sound!


:’( no participation :’(

but I think you’re right - I’ll be judge only

ok ok, idea!

Since, me, per, and irrisor are developers of jme-physics, we can use the library to our advantage as we know whats going on. Hence, I think renanse and mojo should be the judges while we enter the competition!

But Per only seems to want to judge! :’( If you have the time on the 6th of July, make anything…

So the entrants are: Me, Per (if he wants to), Irrisor and Orangy Tang (if he can sort out his local copy soon).

Lets hope more people enter.


This makes me ask what the goal of this compo is; is it to make more people interested in trying out the physics system? Or is it to show off what the system can do? If it’s the latter, I suggest that we instead join forces and make something really neat together, similar to what mojo and renanse did with FurBallz.

the competition is meant to attract people to it. The "what it can do" is going to be in my entry :wink:

Anyways, im sure in 30 days time we will have some people.


"DarkProphet" wrote:
the competition is meant to attract people to it.
In this case we should promote it some more.

Maybe we should offer more prizes such as "unlimited bragging rights" :D, getting on the frontpage of (could ask mojo for that), being declared the "most notorious jme physics game developer" ;) . . .

We should get this somewhat more interesting and post it on some gamedev sites... any ideas?

I posted at JGO, the sun forms, and here. I was also thinking of posting on GameDev, but i dont have a login over there and i can’t be bothered signing up :wink:

I’l do it soon


I dont believe kevin will be entering…unless he’s changed his mind?

Cream, dont worry about it, you have an entire month to try it out, become a master and if you win, you will be able to brag all about it to your mates :wink:

It would be cool if you entered.


i really want to, in fact for getting self experience, but there where i am standing i am missing in ideas where to begin first

Its next wednesday people (not this coming one, the one after). Come on people, tell all your mates about this!

I’l upload the latest CVS lib to a site, with the latest jme and stuff, the usual. Also, any code that is freely available can be used. E.g, Per’s ThirdPersonHandler, my bugy LaserTrail stuff. NUI and BUI can be used too, MD5 loader…

To iterate the judging catogories:

Originality: 10

Sound: 10


Gameplay: 30

Physics-Interactivity: 30

Renase, mojo, per, and irrisor (me ofcourse too), its time to put your judging hats on soon. Ive got a pink feather in mine!

Waiting to see what you people are going to make! :smiley: