Jme Physics -> jME 2.0


to use jme physics with the latest jME 2.0 i have to checkout and compile the source files from this project.

But i've got a lot of problems when i try to build it with ant. (Eclipse, SVN : Subversive)

I use this address :

The problem is, that eclipse(ant) doesn't find jme libs. So i create all jme2 jar files via svn. (

This was very easy, but when i have tried to ant the jme physics with the jme2 jars , i failed.

I've no idea where to put the jme2 jars. When i add them to the buildpath, the problem is still there…

Can somybody help me ?!

Greetings from Germany

Ok, i found the problem:

I' ve to specify the natives of odejava…


Glad you figured it out.

Hi Germ. Coder

After you succesfully compiled the jme Physics with JME 2.0, could you run succesfully any physics demo?


I am trying to build jme physics using jme 2.  I downloaded the latest version of both using eclipse and svn.  I have added the jme 2 in the add projects of the java build path and set the natives location for odejava.  There are still several problems that are reporting, starting with AlphaState can not be resolved.  I see that in jme 2 that AlphaState has been changed to BlendState.  Is there another version of jme physics that I can use to correct these problems?

did you download jmephysics from here?

Thank you that worked.