jME-Physics Link?

You'd think we were the red-headed step-child to jME as there seems to be (perhaps I'm just missing it) no stable location to find a link from jME's web site to the jME-Physics project's web site.  What's up with that? :slight_smile:

I would suggest putting a nice little logo banner or something on the home page of jME's site as jME-Physics is something I think we should tout a bit more.


certainly. I also need to link BUI and NUI (if I can find NUI again).

Any chance for our baby  :smiley:

Of course :slight_smile:

There are now links on the main menu (no longer do you have to click on Third Party Apps)

The new site looks great!!!

I'm going to play with templates, the current dark template is too difficult to read and everything is too bunched up.

Yes, the light grey and orange template i saw makes reading more comfortable and looks more professional to me.