jME-Physics-Networking for jME-Physics 2

Alright, I'm finally getting around to implementing network synchronization for jME-Physics 2 but I've got a quick question about it.

Is DynamicPhysicsNode the root of all physics that is dynamic in jME-Physics 2?  Is it essentially the same as DynamicPhysicsObject in this respect?  I need an element to put as the standard synchronization element and just wanted to make sure this is it before I push out jME-Physics-Networking for jME-Physics 2 and JGN 2.0


Seems that irrisor is not around to much lately.

I'm not the expert but i'd say that a DynamicPhysicsNode has to be above each Node/Geometry that is influenced by physics in

jmephysics2 if that answers Your question.



yeah, DPO is somewhat replaced by DynamicPhysicsNode and thus equivalent in some respects.

And winkman you are right, wasn't online last week and spare time still gets eaten up by many things…

Okay, well based on the assumption that was correct I’ve released the implementation here:,94.0.html

Thanks winkman and irrisor. Hopefully soon I’ll get some time to play around with jME-Physics again.  I’m currently working on a no-physics game…makes me sad. :o