jME Physics on sourceforge and ?!

There are currently two versions of jME Physics. The old one on sourceforge:

jME Physics System download |

and the redesigned/new jME Physics 2 on

I think it is worth porting applications to the new jME Physics 2, as several projects use it successfully already and it’s more stable than the old jmephysics.

[edited again to reflect status of jME Physics 2]

UPDATE: January 7, 2010

jME Physics 2 is now only at Google Code

Setup Tutorial

how is the redesign going?  I'm about to start a small project and was wondering whether I should use the new redesigned jme physics or stick with the old one.  I'd rather use the new one if possible as I can help test it in the process.  I'd need a mac os x version though (though I can probably help get any new ode versions compiled on os x if that's any help to anyone).

I'm about to release the very first beta this week. So yes, using the new one would be cool :slight_smile:

And yes, I'll have to compile ode natives for windows, linux and mac - without having a mac. I'm going to try PearPC. I'll post in a new thread here when I need assistance…

will it have the same functionality as the old one?  If not I'd be interested to know what's different.

irrisor said:

I'm about to release the very first beta this week. So yes, using the new one would be cool :)

Nice! I guess i will be using it. Collision detection and walking on other objects can be handled with it as far as i understood and i hope its simlper than using rays (which i have tried so far). Is there any documentation for basic things ?

For current feature list see this post.

There are no docs yet (besides javadoc) - any help appreciated :slight_smile:

I got some problems creating a running project from cvs with eclipse.

10: package jmetest does not exist

    [javac] public class TestChooser extends jmetest.TestChooser {

and 5 more of those.

I have a running cvs version of jME, does he need some file or can I link some jar to it.

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Instructions are here. But I cannot recommend you to use 0.4 any more. Nobody is developing and/or fixing it any more.

Where can I find the v1 files (they are needed to use with JGN / jME-physics-networking) ? (

jME Physics 0.4 is on sourceforge (source and binaries) but I don't think that you need them for JGN. I think you need jME Physics 2.1 - that's hosted on in the files section (see links in the first post).

Any online JavaDoc?

No, only in the java files.

The latest download (26 Nov 08) of jMEPhysics2 from contains the following statement at the top of the ReadMe.txt file:

The is the redesigned jME Physics library: jME Physics 2. It is under heavy development and not ready for productive use.
Consider using the old jME Physics from sourceforge:

Is this still the current opinion of the developers regarding the state of jMEPhysics2, or is it just a reflection of lack of updating the documentation?


Um, well, that should be removed from the readme :-o

edit: removed