JME Physics support

Hey guys.

I am currently planning what I need and the most appropriate software to help me do what I want.

I am going to make a snowboarding style game - thus need physics.

I am aware of JME Physics 2 which was last updated in November 2009 - and im not too happy about having to build it from source - why not just me a windows compatible jar?

And I have read a little about jme bullet.

Is jme bullet a JME internal class - would it suit what I need, i.e fairly simply physics - things rolling down hills, collisions, wind and different gravitational effects?

What would you recommend - I want something very easily integrated into jME and something which is stable - and update often.

Thanks in advance,


Forget about jmePhysics2 it seems to be dead. If you want to use jme2, you can use jbullet-jme, yes. I still work on it and several other guys contribute. jME3 has the same bullet physics built in, so you dont have to decide about anything there :slight_smile:



Yeah ive decided to use jME3.

Can you give me a link to simple demo that runs on jME3 using jbullet to get me started - i cannot find one.

Well all the demos in jmetest/bullet areā€¦ Please consult the wiki on how to set up jme3 and find your way around.