jME Physics System v.04 Released!

Ladies and gentlemen, version 0.4 is completed! (yey) :slight_smile:


  • basic joint support (ball, hinge, hinge2)
  • vehicle support (not entirely finished yet - see TODO’s in the source for what’s left)
  • PhysicsObject is now abstract with two derived classes: StaticPhysicsObject and DynamicPhysicsObject
  • the PhysicsObject constructor now takes a Spatial instead of a Geometry, and passing a node in there will create a compounded physics object.
  • lots of other small fixes - resulting in a cleaner and more intuitive API

    Aaand, as already been stated several times, we’ve now made this a sourceforge project.

    Mojo, could you make the “Third Party Applications” part of the site refer to this URL instead? On a second thought, the actual homepage would be better:

Best Release Ever! :slight_smile:

Hope you guys are happy…and checkout Per’s CompoundObjectTest.

Enjoy all


Great work guys!

Can’t wait to try it… .

Thanks a lot guys…

Great ! … but please check the as it is unreadable for me ? (tried 3 times) :frowning:

umm…this is very weird! :?

Ive just uploaded it numerous times again, and im still getting that its corrupt.

The thing is, i can zip it, unzip it, zip it and unzip it probably infinite number of times and its there. I upload that, download it again, and it automagically becomes corrupt!

I zipped it, i stored it (no compression), i did all sorts…

I think its a sf issue, because its corrupted anything i upload (macosx libraries and linux libraries too).


Hello DP, is this solved ?

I seem to have found a new on sf but this is over 3MB in size !? versus the other system’s only under 0.5MB.

But i don’t want to download it over 56K just to find it still corrupted.

BTW: Is there a chance to get the sources along with the distribution ? eg. a physicsSource.jar as i already have a jME checkout and don’t want to download all the libs another time.

i think we can add a build ant file there…It would definetly solve a couple of issues.

The 3Mb is not corrupt, i just downloaded it now. Im uploading a smaller version (compressed to 1.24Mb). If its a different size you get (other than those two) then its corrupt.

It takes a couple of minutes (hours? maybe even a day) for the mirrors to sync with sf. But the 3Mb file is definetly not corrupt.


You can always put a md5 hash of the file up so people can make sure the file didn’t get corrupted in the download.

how about link to javadoc / guides and the likes?

Good idea. When we release v0.5 I’ll generate javadoc for it and put it up on the page…


using for ODE in jME is really great!

But more and more I think: uhm, if there were less crashes…

I get a lot of not reproducable EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION in odejava.dll when using physics. So I tried to track them down:

Now this becomes a bit off topic, but the javaode homepage is down…

Checked out ODE, odejava and jME-ODE bindings, ran swig, compiler and wondering, part of the sources are missing! Seems that swig does not generate what it should. E.g. lacks half of the methods!

Has anybody compiled javaode natives himself?

Which Swig Version did you use to get the odejava compiled?


Irrisor, it’s great that you’re trying to solve these issues, but I have to redirect your questions to the odejava board.

k, np, done that

Thought that someone here (e.g. you, Per, or DP) must have done it before…