jME Physics v0.31 Released!

Hey everyone!


  • Removed all test classes and data files from the distribution jar.
  • Fixed some javadoc issues.
  • Added com.jmex.physics.util.PhysicsUtilities that has a static createPhysicsObjects(TerrainPage) method.

    In order to run the examples, you need to compile the source and have jmetest-data.jar and jmextest-data.jar in your path.

    You can find it here.

    Enjoy! :slight_smile:

I’m moving over to the new PhysicsSystem right now. One really minor thing that jumped out at me right when I looked through the java docs is that “quick” and “fast” are pretty ambiguous as to which is faster.

Is quick faster than fast or is fast faster than quick??

It’s a really minor point. The javadoc doesn’t seem to differentiate between the two.

(Referring to the PhysicsWorld javadocs)

Hope to be up and running soon!


quickStep() is better for larger objects, things that aren’t really very delicate. It uses a small matrix and its the fastest (thats quick btw)

stepFast() is like a step up from quick in terms of accuracy. However it does require more memory. Having said that, those are my observations and the team does say to use quick instead…

step() which is simulation is the most accurate and the heaviest in terms of cpu usage, and memory usage. So unless your doing needle type things, use fast or quick.


you might consider standardizing… step, stepFast, stepFaster… something like that.

you dont actually call those methods. You set a flag in the physicsWorld and they get called automagically by the "update()" method.

And besides, its not our call, its the people at who decided to give these stupid names! hehe

Thanks for the clarification. Maybe you can just add in the javadocs that SF_STEP_QUICK runs the fastest but is the least physically correct.

yeah, i think we should do that… thanks for pointing that out.


"DarkProphet" wrote:
And besides, its not our call, its the people at who decided to give these stupid names! hehe
Ah, crazy kids.

Yeah :slight_smile:

The ODE doc says that FAST has been superseded by QUICK, which you should use instead. Though, obviously, there’s still use for FAST - look at the PhysicsTowerTest and change the step function to QUICK. Loads of crazy things starts to happen.

You can read more (interesting diagrams and the like) about the different step functions here: