JME Ready 3D Models

Hi Guys,
Yesterday I taught a class of 40 5th grade (~10 years old) children in elementary school the basics of 3D animation using JME’s sample models (Buggy, Ninja, Sinbad).
The teacher told me that it was great but that I should use for future lessons less warlike\violent characters. I think it’s a valid point so I ask you guys - Where can I find JME ready to use (j3o) models? free / paid.
I tried importing some blender models but most of them failed to import correctly. I guess there is a way to prepare a blender model before importing (xbuff?) But I didn’t have the time to learn about it yet.
Than you.

Someday jMonkeyEngine will have its own asset store (like Unity) but “this is not that day”.

In addition to Sinbad and Ninja, the jme3-testdata library also includes Jaime, Elephant, Boat, Ferrari, Signpost, Teapot, and Tree, in case you weren’t aware.

I believe the most reliable asset pipeline currently is Blender3D exporting to .gltf followed by load into jMonkeyEngine (using jme3-plugins). You can skip the export step by downloading assets already in .gltf form, such as those in the Khronos sample models project at glTF-Sample-Models/2.0 at master · KhronosGroup/glTF-Sample-Models · GitHub . These come with screenshot previews and a hodgepodge of licenses. Most of these have been tested recently with JMonkeyEngine.

For my own testing, I created a several humanoid models using MakeHuman. The asset pipeline described in the jMonkeyEngine Wiki is way out-of-date, but as I recall it wasn’t hard to get a MakeHuman model to J3O by way of Blender3D. Triangle counts were a bit high, however, and the results were not animated. Models I created this way include:

If you’ve got money to gamble with, I think your best bet would again be assets already in .gltf format. For instance, there are a bunch of them at CGTrader:

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Thank you Stephen. Can JME load a “.gltf” format the same as it loads j3o or do I need to convert it? And what is the best way to convert? Simply importing it to the IDE?

Yep. You can browse the animation names and stuff using the hierarchy browser.

1 Like has a bunch of models already in gltf format… many of them free to download.

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You can take a look at my collections of downloadable models on Sketchfab, they are categorized into weapons, characters, props and many more.