Jme SDK 3.0 plugin repos down

hello jme hub,

i tried to update the jmonkeyplatform (SDK 3.0, from the lading page) through the plugins section. The problem is present on Windows and OS X. Unfortunatelly the following error appears:

Unable to connect to the jMonkeyEngine SDK User Contributions because of

all repositories start with the host which are unknown to github. For Example:

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Yes, the server suddenly went down, so you have to download and install the plugins manually.

thank you very much :smile:

You are welcome :slight_smile:

This might be a stupid question but: Where can I download the plugins?

This is actually a bigger problem, maybe you can get it to work by using, though? Maybe even as repository?

The problem is you need to checkout the jmonkeyengine repo for that (on 3.0), go into the sdk folder and then somehow grab the plugins which were splitted as part of the jMonkeyEngine-Contributions github user and then you need to somehow copy them into the sdk folder into the right place and build them from there.

I was trying to move on to gradle and 3.1 and it works partially but that’s another story.

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Thanks! For the AI Plugin I just compiled the library from here: GitHub - jMonkeyEngine-Contributions/jme3-artificial-intelligence

For other people who need other plugins: You can add plugins from local store with Tools->Plugins->Downloaded->Add Plugins. Maybe you can compile the plugins found here: jMonkeyEngine Contributions · GitHub