JME SDK SceneViewer smoother than the simpleApplication

Hi all,

When I view my static scene model using SceneViewer, the framerate seems much smoother compared to using the plain simpleApplication (as given in the first beginner tutorial) approach.

The statistics show constant 30 fps with SceneViewer and 25-40 fps with simpleApplication. Nevertheless, the mouse and keyboard navigation is slightly stuttering with simpleApplication while sceneViewer is very smooth.

Also, the sceneViewer statistics show 1 framebuffer while simpleApplication shows 0. Is this related to doublebuffering?

I would appreciate any information/suggestion.

Thank you,


The “performance” of the two is hardly comparable. If you try to, did you perform all your tests with no other applications running etc.? E.g. running the jar file in the dist dir after closing all applications (including the IDE).

Wow…Thank you for the prompt reply…

I tried only from inside the IDE but everything else was equal. When you say “their performance is hardly comparable” do you mean they should be similar or is this difference expected? And what is the role of the framebuffers in the sceneViewer which do not exist in the default simpleApplication?

I really love this SDK…


Did you select 24/32 bit in the applications configuration menu? Many cards don’t support acceleration in low bit resolutions. Otherwise do try running the application standalone, the two opengl contexts might interfere with each other, taking resources from the graphics card.

Edit: By hardly comparable I mean that the SceneViewer in jMP is locked at 30 fps, is integrated in a Swing environment, and uses a different resolution so it will probably behave differently.

Well yes but because of that it is expected that if that one is constantly 30fps, the other one should be equal or faster? I think thats what he means.