jME statistics site

You can also see who commits the most!

The graph showing the total lines of code is weird though… compare Jan 06 and Jan 07  :?

lol. nca has the lowest comment ratio  :lol:

anyway, i think those numbers look a bit weird.

nca's low comment ratio comes from checking in the gi-normous JAXB generated Collada package.  :roll:

Since you are interested in stats, I'll mention that I came across a tool called StatCVS a few weeks ago and tried it out on our CVS repo.  Here's what I got (filtered out collada and anything but source in the current source trees)

that's much better.

my comment about nca was meant just as a joke.

Its good to see rherlitz working on the JavaDocs  :smiley:

@renanse: have you come across any stat systems for SVN? ? :slight_smile:

Good man!