JME TestMultiRenderTarget

Is it normal, that in this test application i see only empty black screen?

Yes, this test is supposed to demonstrate deferred rendering, however due to some small issues I was forced to disable it

So MultiTarget rendering now is unavailable?

You can use MRT, its just that the test is not working

Is there a sample code to show how to display, two differences scenes ? What is MRT ?

For example, I would like to display a 3D scene of car racing game, and another display with the map, and the race advancement.

Thank you for your help,

MRT stands for Multi Render Target, it allow you to render the same scene from the same viewport to several outputs (usually textures) in one pass.

It’s useful for deferred rendering (aka deferred shading) to avoid multi pass renders.

But for your use case it’s not what you need, you only need to create a gui that displays the map.

Maybe you should look into Nifty GUI.