JME Twitter?

The videos you will make sound really cool. I can’t wait to watch them.

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I think i’m not clear ^^

People are on Youtube. If you rely on the documentation to attract new users, you will spend 10 more years with an engine that nobody will hear about.

Godot as documentation, Unity has documentation, still, they have many videos on youtube and if people want something specific then can easily find it.


Videos are great.

A tutorial page that accompanies it in the wiki will be a great asset as well.

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The more we talk about JME outside of this forum, especially on the important networks like Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, the more people will be interested in using it.

If more devs know JME, then you would have the same result like those other popular and open source engines: more help in improving the code. This is all the purpose of why i want to make tutorials & stuff on youtube.

Here’s a recent video about JME jMonkeyEngine -- The Others Game Engine Series - YouTube
And you can see people curious about it but they clearly don’t know the potential of this engine (just read what they say), with more videos they could see the potential.

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I agree, text/video entry level tutorials can be useful.
If the community were to contribute with those resources, I think nobody would disagree to give the appropriate exposure to them, including on jme social media accounts.


Disclaimer: this is my last post on the topic, as you somehow always manage to miss my point, so there’s no point in continuing.

All the examples you linked are far from what a jME tutorial would look like. From what I can see without actually buying it, the Java course doesn’t do actual coding, but explains Java related concepts. This style of videos would work in jME as well, but I don’t think jME has any specific concepts that aren’t the same as in other engines, so it’s a bit pointless (vectors, quaternions, scene graphs etc. are the same thing, no matter which engine you use).

Next you refer to Unity and Godot tutorials. Maybe try using any of those two for a couple of weeks and then come back to jME. You will notice just how much more can be done in the editor in Unity/Godot, where in jME, almost everything is done in code. Each of the approaches has it’s own pros and cons, which is irrelevant to the discussion at hand, but the fact is, jME’s approach makes jME gamedev poor video material.

Looking forward to your tutorials though, I’ll be glad if you manage to prove my concerns wrong.

I’m not trying to prove you anything. I do it for giving more exposure to this engine because i’m using it.
As i said, many tutorials are about a guy who is coding and anyone here who used several frameworks can confirm it.

The java course, that i bought, do actual coding.

New users will not magically appear with a dead Twitter account updated every 6 years and 10 years old Youtube tutorials. There’s clearly a lack of communication about this tool and it’s time to wake up and change it or just wait 10 more years and see the devs leaving one by one.
Check all the links. Try to find how many times JME is mentioned.

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I am missing the point here. There are many video tutorials about things that are done exclusively in code.

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What video topic do you think you will do first?

I’m already preparing a trailer about JME features. I’m doing like Blender and Godot, just something promotional. Then i will share that video on plateforms like where i already prepared a JME page that i’ll publish once i have the video.

Then i’ll start courses. Short, going directly to the point from basic to more specific. I’ll share those youtube videos on the social networks especially on Twitter and Instagram where the hashtags are effective.

Later (but not too late), i want to make a youtube Q&A with some devs working on the engine who would accept a livestream for to talk about JME.


Cool, looking forward to it. :slightly_smiling_face:


by the way, can you please fix the link to in your post above.

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Thank you for telling me :rofl:

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That’s nice. But if you are going for an “official” jme page, it should go through the core team, mostly to make sure we can preserve it for the future.
I am not sure how itch works in this instance, but we can discuss about it in dm.

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cool that you want help, just hope trailer will use modern JME features, like Minie / PBR / etc. and using nice assets.

This is not an official page (i use my account) but a page redirecting to It is an important visibility and a mistake to not have a page there. I can share admin rights.
This is the equivalent of steam but for indie games, the most used platform for this. There’s a search engine and people can find their stuff by using hashtags.

but if it will have the jme name, maybe we should make a jme account.Or an organization, if itch has something like that.

If someone has to care of it, this is not for to let it die like Twitter. It is for updating it, answering comments not one month later but as soon as possible.
If the point if just having a page and let it die like Twitter Facebook and Youtube that nobody was worrying about until my post (5 years later), then there’s no reason to promote it.
As i said, this is a work, but nobody will gain anything by just looking. What i’m doing now should have been done since longtime already. What i want is JME being improved, so we need more devs, so people have to know it.


Maybe we could benefit from having a trusted marketing manager for the engine?

Just somebody who can have highest admin access to all of these accounts, and share moderator/posting access to other members of the forum to increase the activity. Then they can also remove any bad actors from the account, should any situation arise.

And in cases where someone like @XIIIRen creates a new page for the engine online somewhere like itchio, then he could contact the JME marketing director and give them access to the account to make it official and to allow some oversight from the core leadership.

This would fall more in line with the open-source style of our engine as well.

I think that we are putting too much thought takling about ideas and defining what is the right way to market, when it’s really as simple as posting anything, anywhere, with JME’s name on it. Even if a video/article/post is not done perfectly, it will still be better than not making it at all. And if we have a marketing manager, then they can always kindly tell someone that their post/media needs some improvement to be posted to ensure some level of quality.


Are you volunteering?

We had one once and he left. Then we had half of one who was doing 50 other things, he left, too.

It’s not that we don’t want one… without someone willing to devote the hours to it, it just ends up like this:

And letting random pages just popup wherever without project control/input… only to wither and die when that person gets bored, or they decide to use it to sell shares in their multilevel marketing scheme, etc… that’s not really a good way either.

“Official” JME sites need to be managed by the team… with input from the community. That doesn’t mean we can’t hand the reins over to someone to run with it but if they disappear then we ought to be able to hand the reins to someone else, too.

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If no one else is sees it as a beneficial position, then I’d be happy to do so.

I am not proposing that we elect a marketing manager to handle all of the marketing as if its a job- but I see the position moreso as a delegatory position so that new users like @XIIIRen can go to one single person if they want to contribute to marketing the engine, rather than having to pitch his ideas to the whole community in a thread like this.

Right now, we have no one to reiview “marketing prs” so to speak - so unless we do get a dedicated marketing manager (unlikely, as you said) then we will always be relying on one person to pick the engine up by its bootstraps and market it like crazy.
The next best thing is a marketing manager that delegates posting to the community members and acts as quality control.