Jme updates from another program

I am a newbie to jme and Im trying to build a small game where the game gets input from another java program instead of getting the input from mouse/keyboard or joystick.

Is this possible with jme? How do I go ahead with that?

Are we talking about in the same VM, different VMs on the same machine, or different machines entirely?


we use external update of the jme scenegraph in our project.

–> server-vm --> jme-vm --> jme-vm

on the jme side we use GameTaskQueueManager to scedule updates from the dark side of our program :wink:

there are many api on the net to do network communication over many protocols.

There is another approach, that you might consider:

You could create a generic logic controller that is called from either the keyboard/mouse controller or some other program. The idea is to make your events call some virtual events that work directly on game logic. (i.e. move character, move camera, fire missiles, anything you want).

This approach is good in the sense that calling that generic logic controller could be done from any place… a thread in the same application, on input events like keyboard/mouse, over the internet in a client/server approach, from a file, etc, etc.

Hope it helps

Thanks for the suggestions  :slight_smile:

Let me try the options and get back.

Thanks again !