jME vs Java3D

I'm trying to decide between jME and Java3D for a real-time AI animation.

if u want to learn even things u don't have to handle often

if u want to write everything on our own

take java3d

but using jme is really a pleasure after trying 3d :slight_smile:

Well, I'm glad you're considering your options before making the jump.  That's something I did for quite a while before finally resting here.

Actually, I started out with Java3D myself.  I ended up moving to Xith because it didn't seem to be being developed anymore.  Xith was very much like Java3D with the scenegraph design, in fact, I believe they intended to be that way to make it easy for Java3D users to switch.

I had done quite a bit of development with Xith before I switched to jME and to be honest the single biggest feature that lead me here was the jME-Physics API.  I had been trying to use Xiths OdeJava converter thing and it was buggy and very poorly structured.  I haven't looked back since I made the move.  This project has GREAT community support in the forums as well as being consistently developed.  If you check out from CVS you can get support for just about anything you might want for a game.  Now, I'm not sure if any other project has this (it very well might), but I just recently stumbled across a Cloth test that shows a ball hitting a textured cloth and it reacting as it would if you hit a ball against a towel hanging down.  Now I have yet to see anything awesome like that in any other project. :slight_smile:

There's lots of great features like that being added to this project and the structure of this API is far superior in my opinion to that of Xith or Java3D.

I think the choice is clear, but of course everyone's welcome to their own perspective. :wink:


Thanks Cream and darkfrog!


i am still kind of newbee too ^^

Guys i am a newbie too,

                                first i started with j3D,till collision everything was cool but when i loaded more than 5 md2 models i started getting only 25-30 fps and with picking for height it reduced to i eft and joined Xith3d. I like it still and wanted to port the Quake 3 level demo to jme.Do you have any idea how to do that.