jME vs lwjgl

Hi, I’m considering writing an applet-based game in Java. I’m not sure if what I want is plain lwjgl or jME. I’ve run all of the jME demos and I like it. However, I’m not clear on what jME adds over the top of lwjgl and what are integral lwjgl features. I’m assuming that the scene-graph is a jME-added feature? I don’t need anything too fancy (cloth simulation, terrain etc) but it would be since to have the scene graph, and particles. I see in the intro page that jME is targeted at intermediate users - I’m not exactly sure what this means. I won’t be using any of the IDE/graphical development tools. If anyone could give me a comparison that would be great!

There is not much sense in such a comparison, JME is built on top of LWJGL and offer some tools that you’ll eventually need if you develop a 3D application.

You’ll eventually succeed with only LWJGL, but you’ll have to develop similar tools that JME already have.

My advice is to use JME (who would have guessed :p?), it will be quicker, and a lot less painful.

just take a look at the lwjgl library, it is baiscally only the opengl driver interface in java (+ some stuff for audio, input)

No model loader, no texturesloader no assetmanagement nothing, you would have to write that all yourself then