jME webstart CVS version

I got irritated with fiddling around with CVS versions in order to make my code webstartable, so I’ve created a webstart jME version of the latest (last night) CVS version.

It’s at

EDIT: changed link, thanks Hopiu ://

I’ll probably be keeping a reasonably current CVS build up there from now on, but please only use this for demoing stuff - I’ve not got infinite bandwidth per month. I’ll have to take it down if it starts eating up my whole bandwidth allowance.

Do you still plan on doing this regularly? We might link to it or something.

The link doesn’t work for me!

worked properly.

Doh! Sorry, I changed the folder structure on my website. I’ll update the first post.

I intend to do this regularly for the moment, but in a few months time I’ll be travelling and won’t be able to. Sure, if you want to link to it from the main site feel free, I’ll let you know if the bandwidth use gets excessive. Currently it has the new package structure up there (although all in one jar).

Mojo, how do you build the webstartable version for the main website? I have an Ant build file that does it for me at the moment, if you’re interested?