Jme with eclipse

hey there

I just downloaded the JME, not the nightly build. I found some jars inside the zip. I wa tring to start a basic app, I imported all the jars into the build path with eclipse, and the classes were found when I developed, but once i ran the project, it gave me some errors. do I have to copy the whole thing somewhere in order to use it correctly?

Honestly I've had the best luck with checking out directly from the repository, but the release should work just fine.  Make sure you have the necessary DLLs for LWJGL in your path and verify that the LWJGL jars are in your classpath.  Those are the primary problems I think most people have with getting a project to run.

I don't believe there should be any specific headaches associated with Eclipse as I use Eclipse and haven't had any trouble with developing games in it.

Hope that helps,


thanks for the reply… I see now that I have only the jars imported… but


Well the problem you're seeing there is because you are running an older VM than what jME was built on.  When you see that "Unsupported major.minor version" it means that the class file is not supported by your VM.  It looks as though you're not running Eclipse, you're running IBM's commercial version of Eclipse.

Here's the best way to solve your problem:

  1. Download Sun's JDK from (Preferrably 1.5)
  2. Download Eclipse 3.1 from
  3. On your machine set an environment variable JAVA_HOME=path to JDK 1.5
  4. Remove references from IBM's JDK from your PATH
  5. Copy the DLLs for LWJGL into your bin directory on your JDK install directory
  6. Start Eclipse and create your project there (make sure Eclipse has your JDK - not the JRE - as the default JRE)

    This should get you going.  Let me know if you continue to have problems after you've done this.