jME with jcreator

could any one help me set up jme in jcreator?, i have all the code compile and all that but i dunno where to go from there.

I tried. Its a bad idea. Really, switch to eclipse (or Netbeans, as some would say) or whatever IDE. jCreator isnt that good, and its harder to work with. And btw, setting up jme from cvs is really easy in netbeans or eclipse. So switch, i say.

                              -Gibi }:-@

ok i guess ill try eclipse since everytime i do something in netbeans errors to popin up like wild fires

Interesting simile. I didn't know that wild fires were so common. :smiley:

                        -Gibi }:-@

yea…good point how bout they were poping up like zits on a fat kid

ok got it workin in eclipse but idk how to start makin a project in it could u help with that?

Configure jme:

then make a New Project:


Java Project (double click)

Insert your Project name (Next)

Projects->Add… (add your jme project and Finish)

Take jmetest.base.TestSimpleGame as your Main Class. (Copy it in your project and rename the package)

If you run your application give your jme library path as VM Argument, something like: -Djava.library.path=${workspace_loc}/jme/lib (the path to the jme libs)

And if everything is fine start your application and you see a grey box

Or just follow the last bit of step 6 in the mentioned wiki page. Put the project you have jME in on your buildpath and let Eclipse do the rest.

ok got it workin thanks for all the help