JME1 or JME2?


I am new to JME but I have to say its a great project from what I have seen so far.

I am going through the tutorials and trying to learn the basics and I  build them successfully with JME2. Since I am new and there are a lot of missing info in JME2 Javadoc I am now thinking to go back to JME1.

The changes from JME1 to JME2 are mostly easy to accomplish only the JAVDOC issue makes me pain.

E.g the infos on enums are not in the Javadoc and the consts have absolute no meaning to me :slight_smile:

What would you suggest? Should I stick around with JME1 for learning?

Thanks in advance

Well for any larger project that is starting off, the advice is - go with jME 2.0

If you are just starting out with learning, JME 1 is probably a better bet as there are more working examples and tutorials for that. Once you feel confident enough and understand more or less what is happening, move on to 2.0

If you want to know more physics. I suggest to use Jme v1.0  :smiley:

most of the texture enumerations doc can be found from any opengl docs. the red book should give u a pretty good idea of what those r. i would actually sugguest sitcking with 2.0 just because its where things r going to and its already a much nicer version over 1.0

many thanks for info!

This helped me a lot

Well thats nice… I would have been completely confused after these replies