jme2 and utf8

is JME2 utf8 capable ?

i tryed this:


you need utf8 and japanese font to see the following string properly

or follow this link


 display.setTitle("テスト・ダンジョン  /  test dungeon");

it's japanese, it says "test dungeon" in japanese..
but i get garbage displayed on my window title instead.

does unicode strings need special flag to be set, or any special care ?


It depends on DisplaySystem implementations (LWJGL / JOGL …)

You must have tried LWJGL. right?

JOGL may lead you to success.

But for me, it works well on both LWGJL and JOGL

(I'm using Korean language)

i don’t understand, i can’t seem to be able to display japanese with jme.

i tryed this swing program here:

(the last post)

i tryed changing the windows title and it worked, it could display japanese without problem.

now if i try the same with my jme projects, all i get is garbage …

i have another project which uses Slick (lwjgl based framework too) japanese cannot be displayed either.

for example:

(JME) this fails and display garbage

public class MenuState extends CameraGameState {   
    private DisplaySystem display;
    public MenuState(String name) {
        display = DisplaySystem.getDisplaySystem();
        display.setTitle("Dungeon 3D - Title screen テスト");

(Slick) this fails too: display garbage

public class Weasel extends StateBasedGame {
   public Weasel() {
      super("Space Weasel テスト");

now the same with Swing based program: it work, it display japanese properly

public class TTFtoBitmap implements ActionListener {

    public TTFtoBitmap() {
        JFrame frame = new JFrame("Font Converter テスト");

why would this work with swing programs and not jme/lwjgl ones ?

do i need to set some options somewhere ?


*update: screenshot showing the problem
displayok.png is Swing based
garbage1.png is Slick based
garbage2.png is jME based