jME2 LightState uncoolness

Hi guys,

I am rendering 10 scenes to 10 textures, these scenes are all lighted.

I am rendering 1 background scene directly and that scene is lighted as well.

When i start the app and render the background scene directly everything is fine. When I render any of those 10 other scenes the background scene is suddenly rendered with the light from whichever of those 10 scenes I am rendering at that time (and the light for the background scene remains with that light until another of thos 10 scenes is rendered to the texture)

I am quite sure I called updateRenderState() where required and I also tried calling it in every update() just to make sure, won't help though.  :|

plz help. thx.


Ha, fixed it myself. I had lightCombineMode set to OFF on the background scene (lighting still worked because I use shaders). The thing is just that when the textures get rendered the Renderer loads that scenes' LightState and when the background scene is being rendered the LightState isn't loaded because the lightCombineMode is set to OFF. Thats why the the background scene is lighted by the previously used LightStates.  :wink: