JME2: Models rendered in scene disappear when close

Sorry for asking a JME2 question guys, but who knows; this may apply generally. I haven’t been able to find an answer to this while searching, probably because I don’t know the proper terminology to describe my problem.

I am working with a driving simulator that was developed in JME2. I’ve imported some test models in the form of zoo animals in order to make sure that I can bring some stuff in that I’ve created in Blender.

I’m having an issue that occurs under two conditions. The issue is that the models (so, my “ostrich”, for example) will suddenly disappear. This SOMETIMES happens when:

a) I get close to them

b) They are viewed at random angles from any distance

I tried to get a video of this happening, but my screen capture wasn’t working. Situation “b” can be thought of like this. Pretend you are a planet orbiting the sun. As you are moving in your circular orbit (always facing the sun), sometimes, the sun will suddenly disappear, only to reappear again as you continue a bit further in orbit.

Does anyone have any insight into this problem?


Check your camera’s near and far frustum, these are the distance at which objects are culled (otherwise known as a clipping plane)

You may need to update their model bound, e.g. Spatial.updateModelBound()