JME3.1 SDK Chinese charaters displays strange

I just download the JME SDK 3.1 beta1, the Chinese charaters in the menu displays boxes.
Don’t know why this happen. I use win 7 OS, JDK 1.8.

LOL :joy:
Sorry, no idea how to fix that!

I tried changing the style Dark Monkey to default NetBeans, useless.
SDK 3.0 is OK.

Check if clean NetBeans 8.1 Patch 1 have the same issue so we’ll know if its NetBeans bug or JME SDK bug.

Or check this:

We just don’t have an appropriate font.
Note: It should work on default netbeans, though.

:confused:No, it does not work on default NetBeans, I tried.

Edit: I’ll find a proper font to use, Thank you.

Well according to that issue report it should work with the default theme. Maybe you have to restart the sdk?
Other than that I am clueless

Restarted, not changes for me.