jME3.1 stable hangs on 'help/check graphical capabilities'

Just installed JME3.1 on my rather ancient laptop, did the help/update thing, and decided to try ‘check graphical capabilities’’. Unfortunately, this seems to hang the entire platform… this might be causing troubles while getting some actual development done in this engine. Help?

On my side Check Graphical Capabilities returns instantly, a new window should pop up.
On the other hand you don’t need that. It only returns what extensions your gpu supports.
For Development itself it is not relevant, you could only need that when developing against a particular gpu extension, but then you have to ensure that your code properly checks whether that extension is available or not.

So are you trying to achieve something special or were you just curious and clicked that?

Curiosity was the drive… I’ll try to build something and see how that fares… just surprised that i seem to be the only one seeing this. Maybe the ancient laptop should be retired soon :).

Thanks for your reply!

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