[jME3] added value of Terrain over Node

Hello there,

I’m trying to implement a spherical terrain. I’m still a bit new here so i was wondering, what differences does it makes to jME if i attach a Node implementing Terrain instead of a simple Node Extension?

I dont quite understand the question? The difference is that you get a terrain from a heightmap or image :slight_smile:

ok i’ll try to be more specific:

I’m trying to create a new kind of mesh/shape/spatial/whatever you want to name it. It would represent a perlin-noise based planet.

I’m trying to guess what would be the smartest move: create a class that implements Terrain or should i stick with a Node ?

So, is the Terrain interface used by the rendering mechanism or is it here for an external editor ?

Well the terrain system allows for different plugins that create the actual terrain mesh so you could implement your code as such a plugin. So yeah, unifying will allow easier handling of terrain functions but I dont know if your spherical/planet terrain system will work well in that context. If it doesnt, just create your own classes, yes.

ok :slight_smile:

I’m aiming lower right now as i’m extending Image to create my Perlin-generated Texture for a sphere, and i’ll see later for terrain generation.