Jme3 and Android Studio

Hello everyone .

Can anyone tell me how to add an asset directory to my classpath ? I keep getting AssetNotFoundException’s .

Thank you in advance.

If its a directory you can just use assetManager.registerLocator( path, FileLocator.class);

Tried it but i get 'Not a directory ’ exceptions :confused:. Which path should I pass ?

The asset root directory. Try to put an / at the end of your path…

Are you adding it here src/main/assets?

If I remember right you may need to set the folder as source by right clicking and finding the option at the bottom of the menu like set folder as.

Sorry I am not at my computer right now.

@iwgeric started a series of example JME Android studio projects based on gradle in this repo

It’s not finished from what I gathered, but maybe you can find some valuable information.


Thank you, problem solved :smile: