jME3 and Ogre Textures

I have a model exported as an ogre.mesh.xml with its .material

It has a UV texture, the problem is when it is loaded to the scene graph the texture seems to be distorted and don’t follow what is supposed to be in the UV.

I tried exporting it as .obj and the texture is correctly applied to the model.

HelloAsset’s ninja has a correct texture applied to it. I think the problem is in blender. Did i missed something to set or click before exporting the ogre xml. I have used this model before in jME2 and got no problems.

Please help me with this, Thank You :slight_smile:

Maybe this has to do with texture flipping (The flip flag in TextureKey), all ogre models in jme3 went through the OgreXMLConverter with the -gl argument set, so maybe their UVs were flipped.

Where could i find this Flip flag, sorry still a newbie in blender. I tried another model, this time its black…