JME3 + Android compatibility

Hi everyone,

I'm curios to know if JME3 is stable on Android phones… is it too early to rush and start building my project using jme?

and finally when will JME3 be officially released?


  1. Its mostly stable, if you manage to compile an android version (using the jme3 source w/o "src/desktop" and with added "src/android" sources) you should be able to write jme-android software. There is no "official" android version as of now however.

  2. When its done :stuck_out_tongue: As you might have guessed from the latest announcements and nightly builds we are on the way towards an alpha release. You must understand that when we give a definitive release date people will point at that and demand the release. Since this is an open source project and none of the members get any money for it, its not possible to definitively say when we will be done. If you want the release sooner, you're very welcome to help :wink:



sorry for the late reply … well I know how hard it is to build jme3, you're doing a really good job guys … I bet everyone in this forum is waiting for the first release…

Well I have a good experience in JME2, so yeah I'm ready for any help  ;) … let me know what I can do :slight_smile:

count me in  :smiley:

Android is pretty much there. Problem is, as the core of the engine keeps being updated, the android part lags behind, causing incompatibilities. Ideally there would be a developer assigned to maintaining the Android part, although we have found several, many of them quit before contributing anything.