JME3 applet

Hello,i have made a simple 3d app and i want to make it an applet. How i can do this?

Just tick the checkbox in the project properties, under “Applet”.

In jME platform

I’ve those you told me,but the applet doesnt start. It ask me to confirm the owner,but after it shows only a white screen and no applet. How can i see if a get any error in the browser?I’m using firefox in ubuntu linux .

Can you send us the error log. we did not know what had happen exactly.

I met “Download package …failed ,please get support from …” problem when running applet, I solved it by update java to 1.6.0_26.

How can i see an error log in firefox?

Well I have no experience with ubuntu. But in windows you can find it from java console.

Anyone else with linux knowledge please?? :frowning:

Just enable the java console, whats so hard about googling “java error log firefox”??

I 've already searched for hours but i can’t find anything,that’s why i’m asking for your help.

I told you i ve already searched, and this link is a bit sarcastic. I’m receiving support from ubuntu community now,so thanks for your help and “nice” comments :slight_smile:

Err, try clicking the first search result… Of course it is sacrastic, its the point of lmgtfy

Please,click the link too,and read that it says "Platform(s): Red Hat Linux, SUSE Linux ". I told you i searched.Distros are different,and ubuntu got open-jdk. But,let’s end this. This is not the place for sarcasm and flamewars. Have fun :slight_smile:

Ok, direct link then:

Do I smell trolling here? I said,i use UBUNTU. Not WINDOWS. I use Linux. Is that clear?

Oh, well then use the second link, I agree its hard to find xD

So, on a serious side, sorry for coming across trollish but its really a drag having people with no experience in java whatsoever trying to do games (best MMO’s) as their first task, I might have been over-reacting here, sorry.

And a sidenote, dont use OpenJDK, use suns/oracles JDK, OpenJDK is not yet 100% compatible.

“And a sidenote, dont use OpenJDK, use suns/oracles JDK, OpenJDK is not yet 100% compatible.” That’s a nice tip, thank you :slight_smile:

What im trying to tell you in my last posts,is that the second link you are reffering tells about how to enable the console in redhat and opensuse,which both got their system paths,much different. So i can’t get any tip on how to use this guide on ubuntu.

And also,yes my idea is a MMO,but i’m not someone who things it is easy,nor i expect to complete it in one month. All the questions i’ve done are only to help me learn JME and there is no way i can do an mmo with my current knowledge of JME. I’m also a programmer and i can realise what is possible for me and what not :slight_smile:

Yeah. The description tells you to start the “Java Preferences”, so just find out where to launch them in Ubuntu:


find / -name ‘ControlPanel’


About the MMO thing… Even the best overestimated their abilities with that one :stuck_out_tongue: But as long as you don’t hang your whole future to this its definitely an exciting endeavor :wink: