Jme3 Beginner: Using Nifty Basic example

So I am trying to use nifty for the first time. As I am using Cinematics, the tutorial in Cinematics suggested adding Nifty using:

[java]cinematic.bindUi(“Interface/Nifty/HelloNifty.xml”); by calling it from GuiTrack [/java]

even though the xml gets read in the console, I can’t see any changes on my animation screen. Am I missing something?

I also tried doing the example TestNiftyExamples and TestNiftyGui , same thing, XML gets read but no menu pops up.

what am I doing wrong?


Same here with you, when I started out with Nifty yesterday, the examples (for some) are not showing either, so I’m quite unsure to what to expect from those files or what effects I should be looking at. But it’s funny, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I think the only one that seems to work well for me at the moment!

It took me a while to source around and restarted with NiftyGUI’s lessons by creating up my own GUIstyle xml file. I’d say the codes running from the’s example is running pretty fine. I suggest this: if the file still isn’t showing anything, try writing up a basic one and see if you can at least load up a color layer/panel.

The other two tests in the jme3test.nifty package should work as well.

Cinematics might have some issue … perhaps @nehon can take a look at it?