JME3 Beginner's Book - Upate Status?

Hey guys,

I know the book isn’t due out until December, but I was wondering if there are any updates about what stage the book is currently in? The end of the year is quickly approaching and the turn around on actual publishing is generally not all that fast.

Also, will the book be available for pre-order once a more specific release date has been determined?

I’m all for taking the time required to get this done the right way, so please don’t feel rushed to get it out the door. I’m just curious too see where you guys are at with this as I am very excited about it! (I love books of this type!)



Almost all chapters have been written and been checked back by the core team. As you point out the release date of December/January (depends on PacktPub) is approaching but @zathras is doing a great job.


Is the book gonna cover a project from top to bottom or some stand along examples for each chapter?


What Normen said. 8)

It’s looking very good, I have a solid first draft for over a dozen chapters with code samples, and I am putting the finishing touches on the deployment section and a simple demo game. :smiley:


:smiley: great news!

@zathras what is “deployment section”?

Imean a chapter that explains how to “deploy” the game as a real application: How to configure settings and turn it into an .exe file (or android… or web start… or applet) and a check list to make sure everything is ready. You don’t want the game to stay in the jMonkeyPlatform forever, do you? :smiley:

iamcreasy said:
:D great news!

@zathras what is "deployment section"?

At first I thought she was referring to installation, but now I'm pretty sure she's talking about cross-publishing, i.e. deployment for desktop, web & mobile.

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I ... can start my sentences with "Dude!" if that helps...? ;)


It’s more the grammatically and syntactical correct sentences = yeh, that what i meant = That’s all over your sentence