jME3 Beta video preview

Hey monkeys,

I started work on the video for our beta release and this is what I’ve com up with so far:

Some of the text will still be replaced with more meaningful stuff, input is welcome :slight_smile:

Big thanks to all who sent in footage of their games, the single titles will be mentioned in the youtube description.




Thanks guys! @pspeed had a good idea about the guitar lick that made it more funky. All in all the first dedicated jMonkey song :slight_smile: I had a very picky director on stage and had to let out some creative leftovers, they accumulated to this tune :wink:

@wezrule: Most free music sucks pretty hard (thats why I did the jMonkey song myself ;))… I can suggest trying what songs YouTube supports, theres a lot of songs that you can now legally use with the help of YouTube, also a lot of commercial ones. Apart from that, its actually not that hard to legally get the rights for some song for purposes like these. In every country theres some instance that allows buying the rights to use some commercial song. Apart from that using google to look for “free music” or “open music” should do. Personally, I mostly work with musicians dedicated to one piece or the production just pays “normally” for the music (theater).

Wow there is more beautiful projects than I even knowed before :smiley:

Looking good!

Hi Normen,

The video looks very good. :slight_smile: I think it gives a good impression of what you can do with the SDK.



very nice video :slight_smile: there are many projects to show, its nice :slight_smile:

hah that owns xD, gj, I’ve pretty much finished my android game (done all the levels), but I need to make it smoother with multithreading etc… Should be finished in a week, and I can send you a clip if you want.

Talk about the ‘video’ part all you want, but @normen really wants to know what you think about the soundtrack :wink:

Android game addition would be a good showcase to this vid, indeed.

xD, and lol 0:15 XD

some sadistic ballscrusher :smiley:

Looks nice!

The dancing Android was an unexpected amusement :smiley:

aah forgot that MikiMiki dance is on android

Thanks guys!

Talk about the ‘video’ part all you want, but normen really wants to know what you think about the soundtrack

I guess no complaints is a good sign ;)

The dancing Android was an unexpected amusement

When I saw that video first on youtube I knew I had to get it into the beta video ;)

How did you make the android thingy to dance to the beat? :open_mouth:

idk but the android thingy is hawt as hell!

Lol, its a guy in a suit ^^ Tho my gf (she’s a dancer) said it looks like he doesn’t do this for the first time :wink:

@Norman: Your music is great too. :slight_smile: :wink:

@normen do you know where I can get free music/sound effects for use in a commercial project? as an audio engineer i know you got the sources :), thx! and your music rocks <3 ^^

And free samples can be used with own music, but if one want to distribute these samples with game, must check the license if it allows it (and if unsure, always checking it from the author).

Nice video :). It’s very attractive.