JME3 Bloom Filter

Hey monkeys.

I’ve implemented a bloom filter for JME3, and it’s available in the last SVN. Here is a screen :

Basically it pretty much the same implementation as JME2 :

  • Extraction of highlights
  • Gaussian blur (vertical + horizontal)
  • Addition to rendered scene

    For those in the mood of testing, you can try TestBloom in the test package.

    Here are the command to tweak the parameters :
  • blur Scale : press Y to increase, H to decrease ( the scale of the bloom effect, but be careful, high values does artifacts)
  • exposure Power : press U to increase, J to decrease (Hard to describe what it does, you’ll have to experiment :p, the extracted color is “powered” by this value) default is 5.0
  • exposure CutOff : press I to increase, K to decrease (the threshold of color to bloom during extraction)
  • bloom Intensity : press O to increase, P to decrease (the higher the brighter)

    As you can see the test scene is not very sexy, if you have a cool scene that could benefit of such an effect please post your screenshots.

    Next step is to allow iteration over the blur pass to widen the blur effect.

    As usual, feed back is much appreciated :wink:

    Cheers Bloomy Monkeys
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