JME3 build crash at startup


I’ve searched the forums, at least I think I have, and haven’t found this problem anywhere else, so I’m probably doing something wrong.

My project works all well and good within the JME3 SDK, that is, running it with SDK. However, when I build the project to a .jar and a .exe, it crashes when I start either.

By crash, I mean it starts and exits without any sort of prompt, warning or error. The settings window appears and doesn’t exit, but once I start the game it does.

This has me puzzled, since it works just fine in the SDK.

I’m sorry if this has, in fact, been resolved before on the forum.

Thanks for the help.

Do you load a ogre or blend model directly? They are not included in the distribution as you are expected to use j3o files, read the manual on distribution.

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Ah, crap.

Yeah, that would probably be it. Swept right under my radar.

Thanks for the help, man.