JME3 build tutorial

Is there any JME3 build tutorial? i wanted to see if i could contribute some code but i can’t write anything if i can’t compile the code. I checked out all of the JME3 code from the subversion repository and succesfully opened it in netbeans, but it gives me an LWJGL classpath error. i know LWJGL works on my computer (because i have written games with JMP before in LWJGL, but i can’t seem to find the problem, lwjgl is added as a library, and LwjglDisplay (which it seems to be complaining about) is right where it should be, but every time i try to run a sample, it pops out a class not found exception.

Are you using NetBeans or Eclipse?

You should be able to just check out the project and then open in NetBeans.

For eclipse, its possible that the project files might need to be updated to reflect latest changes.

I checkout directly from netbeans or jmonkeyplatform and it worked well. Instructions can be found here:

Remember to modify your libraries so that you use the new jars.

Theres a manual on how to use your own version of jME3 in jMP:

When you checkout, make sure you use the https url and your googlecode username and password (different than google login password!) or else you will not be able to commit.