jME3 Can't find JDK or plugin repos?

Okay, so. I downloaded it, installed it, ran it.

First thing that comes up is a too-small alert box telling me that Netbeans can’t find my JDK and and that I need to run a command.

I just installed JDK7 yesterday, so I know that’s not it. I run the command in cmd.exe, and it tells me that it’ll try and use the default location, then freezes and crashes the console. The command evidently does nothing, so I just decide to skip the Netbeans components, and continue.

I need a plugin for the game I’m “making,” Blender Support, which is in a nightly plugin repo. I add the repo, and it tells me that there is a 403 error coming back from the site. That’s cool, bad repo. 403 = Forbidden. I forget that, and go over to the list of available plugins to see if it’s there anyways, and I hit “Refresh List.” ALL the repos give either 403 or 404 errors. Also, I have double checked that the firewall is off, for all network types.

Any ideas on what the problem is? I think it might have something to do with Netbeans, but I’ve never used it before (I’ve only played around with Eclipse before) and I can only assume that from the Net-- it has something to do with the internet…

“Skipping” makes sure nothing works properly as you disable 80% of the functionality.

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Kind of having some plugin problems myself. A week or so i downloaded a new sdk upgrade from the updates successfully, since then it doesn’t find any new nightlies or anything. Coincidence perhaps.

EDIT: Come to think of it, windows has been doing a series of updates lately. Maybe that’s why.

No, there simply is no nightlies since a few weeks ago cause the build is broken.

Ah. Good then it’s no worries. :smiley:

Btw @OP, theres no need to install the “Blender Support” plugin… Are you still running on an old version? 3.0beta is the current SDK version, all other versions don’t get updates anymore.

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No, I am definitely running the latest jMonkeyEngine (3.0a). I just downloaded the program yesterday.

I only thought that I needed a Blender Support plugin because I couldn’t find anything on the subject aside from a youtube video showing me how to install said plugin.

Also, thank you for pointing out that link. It helped me realize that I had the wrong /type/ of java. I had the open version; not the oracle edition.

I’m re-installing jME3b now, so I’ll be back later with results.


:smiley: No Netbeans errors, no 403s or 404s, and the program is actually asking me to do updates without me hitting “Reload Catalog!”

Thanks a bunch normen!