JME3 Cinematics Camera Earthquake Effect?

I would like to make the camera shake like an earthquake is happening for a few seconds using JME3 Cinematics, but I don’t know how to do this even after reading the wiki but I have a few ideas. What I would like to know is how should I do this?

I could do something like…

// I assume the following code would only shake the camera for one second but you get the point.
for(int index = 0; index < shakePerSecond; index++) {
	String camNodeName = "quake_cam_" + index;
	CameraNode camNode = cinematic.bindCamera(camNodeName, cam);
	float x = (float) Math.random() * shakeAmount;
	float y = (float) Math.random() * shakeAmount;
	float z = (float) Math.random() * shakeAmount;
	camNode.setLocalTranslation(camLocation.add(x, y, z));
	cinematic.activateCamera(index, camNodeName);

but this just seems wrong.

So is the better option to create a custom CinematicEvent extending AbstractCinematicEvent and just set the camera location in the onUpdate(float) method?

Or is there an entirely different method that I have not found for doing this?

I never used Cinematics, I guess its just an control with some timers updating stuff in the update event anyway.
So I would jut create an new control (normal control, nothing extending cinematic) to the camera node and do this stuff in the update, I think its the easy way.