jme3 consideration as engine for project


just wanted to tell that i'm really impressed how jme3 is progressing. After a bit of chat with MomokoFan and reading that now package names are finalized I decided to check the SVN out and give it a spin. Installed netbeans, everything went nice after the project got built.

One thing: I really liked how jme got its dist jars separated. Right now jme3 generates a 50 megabytes jar, full of test data. At least, please consider to build 2 another jars, one with the core and one with the tests if it's needed.

Otherwise I have an impression that this engine architecture is really got the hang how a gaming engine should look like. Easy, game-oriented coding, as far as i can see it now. Keep up the good work.

I'll have to further test it and get understanding of it, but feels like it's pushing forward in such a direction that I'll going to have to migrate jclassicrpg soon. :) 

Hi and thanks :slight_smile:

The package structure of jme3 is not quite done yet, we are in the process of bringing it towards a alpha-release worthy state (both the structure and the engine in fact :)). Most probably the final package structure will be something like the one seen in the source packages to allow customizing your games imports, the test data will definitely be separated ;).

So, until you hear us scream "alpha" (in relief) please bear with us. Be assured we are all highly motivated by the interest in jme3 and are working on all cylinders to bring it to the community in a worthy state.