jme3 cook book code

bought it but the code is broken against 3.0 final will it be updated at some point, is there version under which it will work until it is updated


What code is broken? Please more informations (like way more)

pretty much all the sample code, seems to be related to method name changes for the most part, checking out jme3 final again to address some weirdness on my end, but I think the result will be the same, will give more details then

also researched and found this
thread Jmonkey CookBook - #10 by GluckOs seems that I am not alone here unless there is and update not on the packt site

managed to get it up and running by commenting out the below code the bolded line seems to be at the root of the issue with many samples will figure the changes later, feel free to assist with that info

there are still some examples with missing assets that causes crashing, a file related to navmesh is missing and testscene_clean …may have more


I thought I had added the modified files to the project, but it seems that the modified DefaultParticleInfluencer and ParticleInfluencer interface are missing. I’ve added them now and will ask Packt to update the package. In the meantime, fixing it yourself is easy. Just do the modification described on page 26, adding

void influenceRealtime(Particle particle, float tpf);
void update(float tpf);

to the ParticleInfluencer interface (and add the corresponding empty methods to the DefaultParticleInfluencer)

The missing assets you are mentioning might be if you don’t have the full project downloaded. There should be a file with both assets and code packed together.

There are some other places where, for example, methods have been changed in core to be able to perform the recipes. They should be described in the book, though.
If you can verify whether the other issues are genuine errors or not, I’l try to help out.

ok cool some people tend to jump straight into the code without even looking at the book…so now I know how to go forward

as for the assets TestScene_clean is not in the zip changing the code to reference TestScene worked there were probably a couple others

I’ll make sure to update the packages and readme file as well with recommended usage.

could you post back when that update is uploaded…as a heads up thanks