jME3 Crashes/Hangs when using Vorbis-format files

Hello everyone.

For the past few days I have been playing around with jme3 and I am extatic! So much java gaming creativity at my fingertips! The library seems to be amazing!

I do have one question though. Regarding the use of Vorbis-format files. I can not even get the simplest example (HelloAudio) to run without crashing (and not making any sound prior to crash/hang) when I use ogg-format files.

The setup is a more or less vanilla install of W7x64 on 12GB RAM using the built-in soundcard on the gigabyte ga-x58a-ud3r. If I go with a wav-format, all things work just perfectly.

If there is any insight as to why this might be I would be very interested and grateful to read about it.

Thank you for all your hard work so far!

ogg format works well for me

if I remember well hello audio didnt work for me.

you should try from nightlybuild/source/jme3test/audio

it worked for me

Thank you xieu90!

I will check this out. However, I am still interested in knowing why HelloAudio is not working and what could be done to make it work. If nothing else, since it is a starter-project I think it’s important that it works with little or no adjustment from the beginner developer.


I dont really know or remember what the problem was.

I think there might be some changes in code of jme3 after helloaudio was written and it leads to some parameter missing in hello audio. (that is my guess)


audio_gun = new AudioNode(assetManager, "Sound/Effects/Gun.wav"); <— hello audio

src = new AudioNode(audioRenderer, assetManager, "Sound/Effects/Foot steps.ogg", true); ← testOgg


as you can see the different between them is testogg has audiorenderer the other one doesnt have it.

I am not a member of core developers so all what I said is 0% sure → I dont dare to rewritten wiki → dont believe what I say 100% ^^

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A crash always yields some stack trace, using that you can follow the problem. In this case you probably get a NullPointerException since the audioRenderer variable is null… And yeah, there were changes in the API lately.

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This is wonderful. The response time of this community is impressive.

Thank you xieu90 and normen! +1’s

I had a problem (several months ago), where if i saved an .ogg in 22kHz mono, jme just wouldn’t load. No stack, or crash, it just sat there. Don’t know if it’s related since HelloAudio doesn’t work, but if it sound familiar, save the files differently.

@rickard: Yes. This is exactly the problem. There is no indication in the log, the application just stops responding. It’s not a seg-fault or crash in that sense… seems more like a bad loop situation whilst reading the format (but since I really have no idea… I wouldnt take my word for it).

My files are saved in 44kHz 16bit mono.

Could you provide the problematic .ogg file?