jme3 engine code reengineering


I am quite new to jme3. My problem in a nutshell: I need to analyze the code and try to find problematic parts for a software re-engineering project. After I find and report those parts I have to try to make it better by refactoring that code. I will probably submit my findings at the end of the project. The thing is that the code-base is quite big. So hints on what to focus might help big time. Any ideas are welcome.

Thank you.

mhh…what’s the link with JME3? i don’t get it.

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Oh, I remember this :slight_smile:!/alexnederlof/status/137129178104471552

If more of you guys would present yourselves in here, we could set up a dedicated group for it, as this is quite an interesting project. I’ve recounted the particulars below.

Course Contents

Green-field software engineering, i.e., building a system from scratch is not what you will typically do in your professional life. Instead, you will be making alterations to existing systems, e.g., refactoring, fixing bugs and adding new functionality.

This course will introduce you to some already existing tools and some state-of-the-art tools that will help you with (1) understanding existing software systems and (2) restructuring existing software systems. In particular, we will deal with spotting refactoring opportunities (bad smells, design violations) and how to deal with them.

Study Goals

Bring students into the position that they can efficiently work with an already existing, complex software system. Introduce students to best-practices in software reengineering and to the state-of-the-art refactoring tools, metric tools, profiling tools, reverse engineering tools (e.g., software visualization tools), code duplication removal and management tools, etc.

Education Method

Limited number of lectures, 1 big lab assignment accompanied by a paper and/or presentation


No written exams. Lab assignment, paper and presentation.

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Best of luck to you guys!