jme3 Examples contain many errors even with clean jme3 plattform installation

Hi all i am completly new to jm3 and the jme3 plattform and like the topic sais, many of the examples included

in the jme3 test collection do not work.

they contain a lot of errors like import target not found (some of them can be fixed by adjusting the imported packages but then some of them wont work because of not matching constructors and/or a lot of deprecated stuff ,etc).

so what i am asking is whether its my fault or not and if so, how can i fix that? its pretty hard to learn something when even the tutorials/examples dont work right…

any help is welcome!

known issue, update to nightly or just run the tests that work by right-clicking them.

that fixed it, thx!

Hello ulathar, i have the same problem too, and now i’m using Jme3 alpha 3 due to this example error. How do you fix that ? By updating to nightly build ? can you explain how ? sorry, i’m a total noob >_< . Thanks before :slight_smile:


Just enable the nightly repo in the plugins section of the jmonkey platform and let it update again.

Thank you ulathar and the others, I will try your way :slight_smile:

Thank you, the example is working now :slight_smile: