jme3 FancyCar Model

Sorry to keep asking the same questions, but I'm not getting anywhere looking on my own.

I've been having problems using loaded models in my programs. I seem to be able to load them visually, but can't seem to get anything working in the physics world.  Maybe taking a new approach will help.

How was the Fancycar Model made? I mean what software was used and what parts were grouped together what parts were made separately, etc. I just keep running into a brick wall with this. The fancycar model is a .scene file and I'm not sure what exactly that means. it seems to have a couple OGRE Mesh XML files within it, but I don't understand their relationships to the overall model or to one another. If I were to try to make my own model, how would I get it to work like the .scene in that example (being able to strip off parts by their names, etc.)

My last related post was asking about the debug shape of an OBJ I loaded. This is the closest I've gotten to making anything work in the physics world, and I feel I am really close here but i got stuck again trying to figure out the problem.:

Ok, I found the wiki on blender dotScene stuff. Sorry about that  :stuck_out_tongue:

I've got a .scene and all the OGREmeshes for my model set up like the Fancycar but now I'm having a problem where my wheels are all centerd under my car body when I import the model. I made the body of my car the parent of each wheel before export. For some reason the wheels position just isn't exporting.

The wheels still drive the car around, but they aren't in the right places, and since they are in the center under the car, they don't turn well, etc.

Also my model imports HUGE, and doesn't respond to setLocalScale.  It also doesn't matter if I scale the model down in blender BEFORE exporting the meshes and scene. It still imports the same size.

Any tips or ideas about this?  I haven't found any info on fixing it that has worked.

For the scale problem, that's probably because you scale the model in object mode and not in edit mode.

Be sure to be in edit mode when you scale it down.

Same thing for the wheel position if you positioned them in object mode, the position is not exported.

Think about it like that, object mode is world space, edit mode is model space.

It seems that Ogre only export model space position.

if you have no rig nor animation in the blend file, go to object mode, select all,  type Ctrl+A and choose the second option of the menu (apply transform…). This will apply any transformation done in world space to model space.