jME3 in Android

I already started my tests of jME3 in Android using Eclipse.

After try to run the Momoko_Fan' sample, without any success, I decided to modify the Android code (src/android) so it can runs.

I will look for any incompatibility issues between jME3 and Android. I'll post my test results as soon as I complete my tests.

Stay tunned.

After doing all the changes in the code, I reached a dead end.

In jme3 branch files, there aren't the needed resources to run the project.

I extracted them from jme3_2.apk (the one Momoko_Fan post) but monkey.j3i is of type com.g3d.texture.Image and I need com.jme3.texture.Image.

I edited the file and change the class name to com.jme3.texture.Image (wishing they are the same type in other package) but when BinaryImporter try to load it, crashes.

I'm new with jME. How I get a j3i file that works with com.jme3.texture.Image?

The BinaryExporter can generate J3I images, it's just an image loaded from file and then saved into jme binary. There's also J3O (jme3 object) which is used for storing scene graphs or models, and is saved/loaded in the same way as images. In general it is a lot more efficent to load J3O/J3I on android than loading OgreXML or PNG/JPGs.