JME3 in eclipse

Hi, I got a problem using JME3 in eclipse. I read the tutorial and installed everything as it is explained. Generally, it is working, but now I want to import the class com.jme3.bullet.control.RigidBodyControl and it tells me the class doesn’t exist. I already updated everything and it is working fine on the jmonkeyplatform, the class also exists. I added all the jars from the path C:Program Filesjmonkeyplatformjmonkeyplatformlibs to the build path but the class doesn’t exist.

You’ll have to use a nightly zip as stated in the wiki, the updated files are stored somewhere else and it would be inconvenient at least to link them.

Oh, thanks. I thought I was using this file, just unzipped.

If you care you can also experiment with the Eclipse import of jMP, which would allow you to add libraries to your eclipse project from jMP, using the “resync eclipse project” feature. This would allow you to e.g. easily add libraries from the contribution update centers to your eclipse project and use things like the desktop and applet distribution of jMP. I have not investigated how exactly and how well it works, all I know is you have to add the assets folder (or any similar folder in your sources) to the “run” library configuration in jMP to make the distribution forms work.